Friday, February 27, 2015

Anger's Benefits

I ran into a barrier on a project and was frustrated and ready to give up.

Then I had the good fortune to walk away for around 30 minutes. 

While away, I was surrounded by thoughts and discovered at least seven ways that the project could work. What had seemed impossible shortly before had been transformed into something so obviously feasible that I was embarrassed at having failed to notice.

Fatigue may have fogged my initial vision. I'm sure that demoralization contributed. The longer I thought while distracted by other chores, however, the angrier I got about the original barriers, which I regarded as foolish and misguided.

I'm wondering now if the anger created motivation which in turn produced a form of clarity. 


Gloria Petrea said...

This must be why Mom always said to count to ten when you get angry.

Michael Wade said...


Sometimes counting even higher helps!