Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Career's Ifs

If you can read the by-laws and the meeting minutes and have a good grasp of the personnel rules and know what it takes to get promoted and what it takes to get fired plus gain a solid sense of how the organization operates and the history of those who got to the top then you'll have a serious advantage over those who do not and, believe me, the ranks of those who don't do their homework are numerous.

If you can learn to hold your tongue and curb your sarcasm and listen very carefully then you'll probably hear it when the tide comes in or goes out on various projects and you might just gain a reputation for being reliable if not brilliant.

If you can walk into any room and always have the willingness to walk out should things get weird or unethical, then you are your own person.

If you can acknowledge your own faults while not becoming weak or passive then you probably have the mental toughness to slay the two-headed dragon of unfairness and stupidity.

Your biggest battles are always internal. 

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