Thursday, August 13, 2015


This is bizarre.

My reaction: You're not worth more than five dollars?

What am I overlooking?

[HT: Lou Rodarte]


Eclecticity said...

I actually used Fiverr for some of what you see on the top of my older blog. Paid somewhat more than $5 for mine. I think our economy is driving people to do this kind of thing. Out of work, unable to find work in your specialty or your day job is unfulfilling and you want to make a little money from your passion?

My thoughts anyway. There are many talented people. Are they making it up in volume?

This site is similar. People can get great graphic design work for very low prices. "Real" graphic designers hate the concept. Other "real" graphic designers are out there and on:


Michael Wade said...


That's interesting. I have the same question about volume and yet even with that you'd have to be moving quickly to make it pay off.