Monday, August 03, 2015


Those old buses had a distinctive sound; a rattle accompanied by noises from the strange little machine where you deposited your coins. There was something reassuring about the sound. It said "We may creak but we'll get you there."

Silence would not have been as comforting. It would have declared that no flaw has yet occurred. The bus sounds were a reminder that the old contraption had been through a lot and was still moving. The one instrument in the orchestra that sounded strong was the motor. That stood out in contrast to its companions.

Much has been written about bacon sizzling, the clickety-clack of trains, an owl's hoot, the firm sound a Mercedes door makes when it shuts, the roar of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle; all evoke certain feelings. Early one morning a few weeks ago, I heard a rooster crow in our neighborhood. A few years ago, we could hear sheep. 

Some sounds take us on a journey.

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