Monday, August 03, 2015

The Corner

"We never noticed. It was right in front of us the entire time and we never noticed it."

"You noticed it. You simply chose to do nothing about it."

"Oh, no. Had we known we would have done something."

"Now you've shifted from noticing to knowing. You can always dodge about when it comes to knowing; even more so when it comes to taking action. But you noticed."

"Well, there were hints."

"There were more than hints. There were complaints amid gossip but you chose to pay attention to neither. You were also a witness to the conduct and yet you looked the other way."

"I had no evidence."

"You have eyes and ears. You have a mind. Did you think some sort of academic study would land on your door mat? You decided to sit in a corner and tell yourself stories."

"And you've never done that?"

"How do you think I learned how comfortable that corner can be?"

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