Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Some ground rules to keep in mind:

  • Take time to consider the human dimension. Your most important decisions affect people, not objects.
  • If you have been working on a project and bad things may occur, take time to tell people about your suspicions. Give them some early warning. No one likes to be dropped on his head and if it is suspected that you knew and didn't sound an alarm, you'll lose a lot of trust.
  • Recognize that very, very, very clever ideas should be approached with caution.
  • Check your assumptions.
  • Ask anyone who is a key player for a description of the worst case scenario. It may not match your own.
  • Be sensitive to sudden quiet periods. That is seldom a good sign.
  • Do a pre-mortem and ask yourself what would be the likely cause if things went wrong.
  • Write down your ground rules and keep them handy. What is vivid today will have faded tomorrow.
  • Practice mindfulness. Look, listen, and absorb.

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