Saturday, October 24, 2015

Unspoken Thoughts While Learning

  • "Get to the point. Get to the point. Get to the point."
  • "This is rather boring. Wait."
  • "So what this means in plain language is . . . ."
  • "His idea is completely opposed to ____'s concept."
  • "Who's right?"
  • "Why was that word used?"
  • "Is that metaphor on point?"
  • "Something is wrong with the mental picture."
  • "That's not really true."
  • "A huge assumption!"
  • "A slayer of straw men."
  • "Does this detour have anything to do with the central message?"
  • "What is the author's bias?"
  • "This is completely unintelligible."
  • "Only a college professor could believe this."
  • "What is not being said?"
  • "Let me re-word that."
  • "The author included that scene for a reason. What was it?"
  • "What's a better description?"
  • "How can I remember this?"
  • "Why should I remember this?"

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