Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Values are Key

There are poor people who are wealthy in terms of their personal values and rich people who are destitute. 

Many people overlook the importance of values when they insist that all that is needed to improve an individual's economic status is a job. They seem to think that with a steady paycheck, the right values will eventually emerge. What they overlook is that without the right values that job will not be held for long. 

As for the ranks of the wealthy but values-deprived, they enjoy the buffer zone of wealth and yet within that zone is a shabbiness that is difficult to disguise.

And despite the slant of the press, the rich are not inherently evil nor are the poor inherently noble.

The old approach is best: Judge people by their values and not the size of their wallet.


John said...

"Work" is not something you do because you like it. It is something you do because you need the money. If you learn to like it later, that's great - maybe even necessary. But as soon as you learn to like what you do, where is the motivation to do something else? If you are in tolerably good health, get a cold beer from time to time, enjoy your tobacco, play cards, and have good sex, why in the world would you want to change? I know a lot of so-called "successful" people who would toss it all in to have that much.

Michael Wade said...


I had an uncle, a great guy, who longed for retirement from his first day on the job.

I always wanted to work.

For many of us there is always the motivation to do the job better or to hone skills that can be used in another endeavor. The scenario that you described re cold beer, cards, etc., is one that I would run from.

But then we all have our different motivators!