Saturday, September 10, 2016

What Has Happened to the FBI?

You might say it was a bridge too far.

One can argue that the FBI reached the right conclusions in its report on the Hillary Clinton emails. I found the reasoning to be odd and thought that it was inappropriate for the FBI to be taking any position on whether there should be an indictment. That decision belonged on the Attorney General's desk. 

But even with that, it is not that difficult, especially given the reputation of the FBI Director, to give the Bureau the benefit of the doubt.

The decision to release the back-up information just before the Labor Day weekend, however, looks purely political. "Information dumps" before a holiday is a common tactic when administrations want to bury stories. I know of dedicated liberals who raised their eyebrows on that one. The FBI Director claims that the decision was in the interests of transparency; an Orwellian form of reasoning since the release date ensured that fewer, not more, Americans would know about the story.

All of which produces a scary question for all Americans, regardless of party: Has the Federal Bureau of Investigation compromised its professional objectivity and integrity due to political gamesmanship at its highest levels?

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