Saturday, April 07, 2018

If Life Had a Rewind Button

[Photo by Nicolas Lobos at Unsplash]

If life had a rewind button, I probably would not have written the All I Said Was book

After all, it is tailored to assist people who sincerely want to avoid inadvertently offending others. With a magic button, they would be able to rewind ill-chosen words and replace them with what they truly meant to say or with a good old friend named Silence.

Those people are my target audience. I know them because I am among them. I am not incapable of using poorly chosen words. Memory often tugs at my sleeve and reminds me of when I could have been kinder or more diplomatic. For many of us in that group, our second language is self-reproach.

As for the louts of the world, they are beyond reach. Anyone who enjoys being obnoxious or abrasive won't be influenced by advice on tact. They don't need a book or a workshop. They need to buy a new personality. 

Another - and I would argue a related - group may also shun the book. People who need a safe space whenever an opposing viewpoint comes near won't like the book's advice. [Their frequent eagerness to squelch speech puts them closer to the louts than they'd ever admit.] I hope that life eventually teaches them that you can learn a great deal from opposing opinions.

So here's my proposal: if you think that you or your team could benefit from the book, check it out. It could prevent a lot of hassle down the road.

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