Monday, June 04, 2018

In the Next 15 Minutes

A clock hanging on the train station platform.

[Photo by LUM3N at Unsplash]

In the next 15 minutes, it is highly likely that:

  • A new diet will be invented.
  • James Patterson will have written a novel.
  • Hollywood will have just held an awards ceremony.
  • CNN will criticize Trump.
  • A new Italian government will be formed.
  • A new celebrity will be announced.
  • A public relations firm will issue a clarification of what the new celebrity just said.
  • The President will tweet.
  • The presidential press secretary will issue a clarification of what the President's tweet meant.
  • Another Stars Wars film will be released.
  • Another Star Wars film will be panned.
  • A CEO will initiate a bold reorganization.

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