Friday, June 01, 2018

Random Thoughts

[Photo by Elijah O'Donell at Unsplash]

The pragmatic choice is not always the best one. Pragmatism and excellence can be adversaries. ~ Some of those who are on a high and narrow ledge would like us to join them there. ~ Things don't always happen gradually. One day the wheel had not been invented and the next day it was. ~ I received the worst education in graduate school and the best education in the military. ~ Beware of organizations and institutions that get little scrutiny. ~ Titles can trigger temporary insanity. ~ Amid all of the measurements of nations, see if you can find one on what really matters: the caliber of the people. ~ A question to consider when observing a seemingly autocratic organization is whether the "lions" know that the tamer only has a whip and a chair and that any compliance is a ruse or an accommodation. ~ Congressional hearings and debates often remind me of student council meetings. That is not a comforting thought. ~ Labels can serve as blindfolds. ~ Teach the young that life is rigged and a good nation is contemptible and you can expect a very ugly harvest. ~ It is hard to oppose something with a something that is really a nothing. ~ The "A" students always think the tests are fair. ~ Great nations and communities were not built by people who kept their options open. ~ Depending on the circumstances, indifference can be a tonic or a poison. ~ We must carefully select our fields of ignorance. ~ It is a rare graduation class that gets a decent commencement speaker. ~ Most people wish they knew more math and more languages. ~ I found an old "Dick and Jane" reader and was immediately transported into its poetry. ~ Credentials can be faint impressions of the real person and yet the customs officers of life accept them as passports. ~ A person's choice of heroes and music can be enormously revealing. ~ All of us have mentors but many of us do not recognize them.

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