Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Rumors of Rain

A lightning bolt in a storm

[Photo by Brandon Morgan at Unsplash]

We may be getting a thunderstorm near the end of the week. I miss my days in Tucson when thunderstorms would roll up from Mexico and anyone with a mature notion of self-preservation would rush to a safe spot to watch extraordinary lightning displays.

They get serious lightning in Tucson.

The Phoenix storms are relatively mild and come in from the coast or from the east side out near Apache Junction. [Our dust storms are much more exotic.]

When I was young, thunderstorms meant that my father - an electrical load dispatch manager - would be out all night helping to keep the lights on. I have memories of him pulling out in his company car - a white Corvair! - and heading to the Arizona Public Service headquarters in downtown Phoenix.

You could tell he loved it.

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