Monday, June 04, 2018

Shorter Workshops and a Sweet Spot

A training broker told me that she's noticed a recent trend toward shorter workshops. Instead of three or four hour classes, people want shorter ones. The 90 minute sessions are particularly popular.

Her words came to mind with the recent arrival of some training requests that some 3 1/2 hour classes be shortened to one to two hour sessions. 

There is no implication that the classes are inflated or are too long. The reasoning is that being away from work for much longer than two hours presents a problem. Workloads are high and staffing is low.

For the most part, I have no problem with such options but here are my questions: 

Have you noticed a trend in favor of one to two hour sessions? 

Does a 90 minute class hit a scheduling sweet spot?


Bloggophereo said...

I like not having to take an entire afternoon or morning off. More like the length of a long meeting. -Bobbo

Michael Wade said...


That's good to know. I suspect many feel the same way.