Saturday, October 13, 2018


man holding red textile in front of black bull

[Photo by Giovanni Calia at Unsplash]

  1. Adopting a "victim mentality."
  2. Focusing on the ends while neglecting the means.
  3. Assuming that your education is behind you.
  4. Mistaking the mirror for the window.
  5. Expecting the world to be logical and fair.
  6. Overlooking the spiritual part of your life.
  7. Neglecting the incrementals.
  8. Mistaking busyness for action.
  9. Assuming that strengths are always strengths.
  10. Not holding your tongue.
  11. Not listening for what is meant.
  12. Failing to check your assumptions.
  13. Permitting cracks in your integrity.
  14. Rarely saying no.
  15. Failing to focus.
  16. Being blinded by ego.
  17. Falling in with bad companions.
  18. Being ungrateful.
  19. Failing prey to distractions.
  20. Turning self-reproach into a hobby.
  21. Failing to learn how you learn.
  22. Going through the motions.
  23. Neglecting relationships.
  24. Treating life as a series of projects.
  25. Being too harsh or too easy on yourself.
  26. Not letting go of the past.
  27. Taking friends for granted.
  28. Not keeping promises.
  29. Squandering time.
  30. Failing to strive for a higher purpose.

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