Thursday, December 06, 2018

Sick Bed

I'm still recovering from what may be a sinus infection. There is a certain wariness to making predictions of a recovery date since around a year ago I had similar symptoms and just when recovery seemed near, awoke to a swollen neck that made me look as if I were auditioning for Elephant Man.

The schedule has been cleared for sleep. My bed is also ready with one book on management, one book on military strategy, and two books on religion. 

Oh yes, and a journal so I can jot down hallucinations.


Kurt Harden said...

Get well soon.

Michael Wade said...


Thanks. I'm working on it.

As you know, it is a drag.


Eclecticity said...

Rest easy Mr. Wade. E.

Michael Wade said...


I will follow your sage advice. Have been opting for a lot of bed time.