Friday, September 29, 2006

Accelerated Achievement Day

Have you ever noticed how productive you are on the day before a vacation?

Things that are of minor importance get tossed aside while significant projects are either wrapped up or delegated. Associates are brought up to speed on your activities. A sense of urgency gives your energy level a certain boost. No drifting or daydreaming. Things must get done.

By the time you walk out the door, you feel that everything is under control and a great deal has been accomplished.

I'll refrain from asking why we can't duplicate that achievement every day, but why can't we do that at least once a week? Why not designate a day as "Accelerated Achievement Day" and work as if we are leaving for the beach in 24 hours?

If we seriously adopt that practice, I suspect:
  • Our priorities will be clarified.
  • We'll delegate more tasks that should have been assigned to others in the first place.
  • We'll break the bonds of paralyzing perfectionism.
  • We'll achieve a greater sense of control and, along with that, less stress.
  • Our overall productivity will increase.

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