Friday, September 29, 2006

On the Book Shelf

I'm still reading - and enjoying - Bruce Chadwick's George Washington's War and Michael E. Gerber's E Myth Mastery. (The latter is a sequel to Gerber's extraordinary book on small business, The E Myth Revisited.)

Am also reading Alan Furst's Blood of Victory. If you haven't read any of Furst's spy novels and you've enjoyed film noir of the Thirties/Forties, you might want to give him a try. Blood of Victory starts on a freighter from Odessa to Istanbul in 1940. France has fallen and Istanbul is crawling with German, Russian, and British agents. It doesn't get more exotic than that.

I recently received a copy of Andy Cohen's Follow The Other Hand, a book that uses magic lessons to illustrate marketing techniques. I'll be reviewing it soon.

There are two other management books - one on stories of success and the other on the growth of Disney - that I'll be discussing later. Paul Johnson's book, Intellectuals, is also near the top.

Please let me know if there are any books that you'd recommend.

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