Thursday, September 21, 2006

It changed the whole dynamic of the scene...."

What’s it like to work with Jack Nicholson?

According to DiCaprio, they filmed the scene once and Nicholson said to Scorsese: "I don't think he's scared enough of me; I have to be scarier."

DiCaprio continues: "So I came in the next day and Jack's hair was all over the place. He was muttering to himself and the prop guy tipped me off that he had a fire extinguisher, a bottle of whisky, some matches and a handgun somewhere. So I sat down at the table not knowing what to expect, and he set the table on fire after pouring whisky all over the place and stuck a gun in my face.

"It changed the whole dynamic of the scene, and that's what he does – he makes you so much better and he makes you react as an actor, and you take more chances because your character is reacting to this homicidal maniac."

Wahlberg, who plays a tough-talking detective, says succinctly: "Jack is crazy, man. He's always got some sort of weapon on him. He had everybody on their toes."

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