Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dumb Moves by Bosses

On a whim, I started listing the dumb moves that I've known bosses to make.

The following is by no means exhaustive and you're invited to add to it:
  1. Holding staff meetings on Friday afternoons just before 5 o'clock and then speaking for over an hour.
  2. Assigning inexperienced people to unusual projects and providing no training or guidance.
  3. Never walking through the work area to meet all of the employees.
  4. Giving an award to an employee in front of his wife and referring to the man as a "go-fer."
  5. Hiding from employees.
  6. Following employees and watching them with binoculars.
  7. Keeping time sensitive projects until the day before the due date and then delegating them to employees.
  8. Reading correspondence while meeting with employees.
  9. Reading email while meeting with employees.
  10. Checking the Blackberry during meetings with the boss's boss.
  11. Telling ethnic jokes to an EEOC investigator.
  12. Leaving Playboy magazines on the end table in the boss's office.
  13. Writing comments on a report that clearly show the boss has not really read the report.
  14. Receiving a resignation from the worst employee in the department and then talking him out of resigning.
  15. Letting top performers leave and not trying to persuade them to stay.
  16. Showing up drunk.
  17. Talking about ethics and then using racial quotas.
  18. Waving a pistol and declaring, "This is how we handle problems!"
  19. Posting a "mail order" diploma on the wall.
  20. Promoting a problem employee.

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