Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Suspicions, Stories, and Stereotypes

Four employees in a workplace. Their supervisor is Maria.

Charles is wary of trusting Maria because he believes she set him up to fail on a sensitive assignment. He's never talked to her about his feelings, but has formed a lasting opinion that she can't be relied upon. He regards any kind behavior on her part as a ruse.

Ellen is wary of Maria because Charles has talked to her about his experience and Ellen likes Charles. She has no reason to believe that he's lying.

Harold is wary of Maria because of a bad experience with his last employer. So far, Maria has treated him well and yet Harold is still cautious. After all, Harold thought he could trust his last supervisor and then one day he caught it in the neck.

Darrin is wary of Maria because this is his first job and his father told him never, ever, to trust management. In fact, the nicer Maria is to him, the more suspicious Darrin becomes.

Maria likes all of her employees. She sometimes senses a lack of trust, but has concluded that once they see how nice she is, they'll start to accept her.

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