Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Rudeness Increase?

Have you noticed that rudeness is increasing in the workplace?

That's the sort of subject that you can haul out once a year and, in many areas, are likely to find people nodding that it has indeed increased. I don't know if it has, but you don't have to look long to see incidents of inadvertent discourtesy.

"Inadvertent" because the practitioners appear to be so divorced from etiquette that it's unlikely that they even know they are being rude. In the past year, I've heard of or witnessed these infractions:
  • Not returning phone calls.
  • Sending abrupt e-mail messages.
  • Agreeing to a course of action, then changing positions but not telling others of the change.
  • Using profanity in mixed company. (And by that I mean in front of people whose position on such language is unknown.)
  • Not even pretending to listen to the other person.
  • Failing to acknowledge the presence of others.
  • Putting heads on desks during meetings.
  • Mocking a person who lacks the power to mount a defense.
  • Requesting customized material from another person and then not thanking the person upon receipt.
  • Taking credit for the work of others.

Have I missed anything?

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