Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chilling Indeed

The HR Capitalist has correctly identified one of the most dangerous devices in the workplace.

[You'd think there would be more calls for a design change.]


Jeff said...

All I can say is guilty as charged. Luckily just minor embarrassments for me. For others, I've seen them bury themselves!
There is a way to protect yourself in Outlook by moving that nasty "Reply All" button:
- Right click on the "Reply All" button and a dialog box will come up;
- Choose "Customize"
- Dialog box opens and click "Rearrange Commands" buttom at bottom;
- Click on "Toolbar" radio button;
- Click on "Reply All" command and move up or down using buttons at right;
This won't eliminate the button altogether but get it out of the way so you'd have to deliberately - not accidentally - hit it.
Hope this helps!

Michael Wade said...


You're a gentleman and a scholar and your advice may have just saved many of us from future embarrassment.