Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Your Enemies May Tell You

If you went to your enemies and asked for career advice, what words of misdirection might they pass your way?

Here are a few that I've encountered:
  1. Do everything to preserve your status by emphasizing symbols of prestige.

  2. Never compromise.

  3. Make irreversible decisions quickly.

  4. Always let others know when they're wrong.

  5. Don't be judgmental.

  6. Share your innermost feelings.

  7. Unleash your sarcastic wit.

  8. Pay attention to everything.

  9. Technical competence is everything.

  10. Focus solely on money.

  11. Ignore the money.

  12. Move slowly. You have plenty of time.

  13. Move quickly. Time is flying by.

  14. Most people wish you ill.

  15. No one wishes you ill.

  16. People expect and demand perfection at all times.

  17. Those who disagree are ignorant.

  18. Everybody does it.

  19. It's never your fault.

  20. It's always your fault.

  21. The one with the most toys wins.

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