Monday, February 18, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

ThinkPad X300: Is Lenovo building the perfect laptop?

The flu vaccine doesn't protect against most of the latest strains of the flu.

Rowan Manahan suggests that before recruiters turn up their noses at the typos of job applicants, they might correct their own behavior.

A lawsuit is filed and an air show is cancelled.

Emmylou Harris: Making Believe.

Tim Ferriss has discovered superhuman French acrobats.


Jeff said...

Re: Flue Vaccine
What we have to understand about the flu is that it mutates into different forms every year. So any flu vaccine manufactured is based upon previous "versions" of the bug. That's why it's never 100% effective.
I have mixed feelings about the vaccine. I do understand the need to reduce the risk especially among the elderly and very young. But I've seen people get very sick after the flu shots to the point where you wonder if the vaccine shot was worth it at all.
Bottom line - I get the shot every year.

Michael Wade said...


I haven't gotten the vaccine but so far my germophobia has saved me!