Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fat Camper

Journalist David Leafe signed up for a week at a British weight loss resort, a.k.a. fat camp. He did not get a fluffy robe. An excerpt:

Up at six, weighed and measured. My targets: lose half stone; 3in off waist and 2.5in off hips; cut body fat 5 per cent. Resolved to achieve all, so attack next part of assessment - three-mile walk/jog through Devon countryside - at stupidly fast pace. Have to stop after a mile, wheezing, panting. By end, feel sick.

Minibus going back passes through Bampton village. "Look, a chip shop," says mournful voice. Faces press to window but back to farm for mid-morning snack of nuts and dried fruit. Before lunch, circuit training, then game in field, involving much dragging along of car tyres on rope.

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