Friday, March 14, 2008

Good Mavericks and Bad Mavericks

The good maverick dissents clearly and with substance. The bad maverick is vague and superficial.

The good maverick is candid but does not seek to embarrass the organization. The bad maverick takes glee in causing embarrassment.

The good maverick brings insights that are realistic and attainable. The bad maverick's proposals are utopian and unattainable.

The good maverick regards office politics as frustrating but a natural part of the bureaucratic process. The bad maverick regards office politics as oppressive and suspicious.

The good maverick understands that good people can intelligently disagree. The bad maverick sees opponents as either ignorant or evil.

The good maverick is above board. The bad maverick operates in subterranean realms.

The good maverick may dissent strongly before a decision is made but - unless the decision is unethical - supports the decision once it is made. The bad maverick dissents both before and after the decision.

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