Saturday, March 29, 2008

Miscellaneous and Fast

Swashbuckler: The discovery of a long-lost Alexandre Dumas novel.

Martin Kettle says the Euro-army is less than impressive and those cowboys are needed. As I recall, Austria sent a mighty contingent of six soldiers to Afghanistan. [HT: Real Clear Politics ]

Eclecticity, where I get all of my fashion tips,
points out Gen Y business attire.

Jim Stroup looks at
officers known as "mustangs."

Using its Green-O-Meter, Outside magazine rates some eco-friendly getaways.

Love it!: John Phillips
translates some corporate BS.

Fore! A Segway for golfers.

Justice Scalia goes after the news media for the low caliber of their reporting of court cases.

John McWhorter reviews Larry Elder's new book on race.

BusinessPundit looks at the $1 coffee test at Starbucks.


Jeff said...

RE: Gen Y Business Attire:
Never could get used to the relaxed rules. Having worked in pharmaceutical advertising for nearly 30 years, I've watched the standards drop from white shirt and tie to cargo shorts and flip flops.
I still go to clients in nothing less than jacket and tie - and I'm badly over-dressed!.

RE: Corporate BS:
My hair used to stand on end when one of the managers I worked with would come to me and say "We have a situation..."

Michael Wade said...


The dress standards in some places do anything but reassure. Getting people to dress properly is one of the hot issues in workplaces today.

Michael Wade said...


Re language:

I know what you mean. Situation = Budding disaster.