Friday, March 14, 2008

A Road Warrior's Index

Number of cities in 12 months: 100.
Project: Conducting management workshops.
Number of bags: Three.
Routine: One city a day, four days a week.
Impact on sleeping habits: Hellish.
Best seat: Window (because it's easier to sleep)
Most flight delays: Chicago O'Hare Airport.
Number of bags lost: Zero.
Best rental car: The single occasion when, due to a fluke, I was given a Cadillac.
Flights cancelled: Once in Atlanta due to a storm and once in Pittsburgh due to engine trouble.
Scariest flight: From Spokane to Helena in a small plane during hazardous weather.
Craziest traffic: Northern New Jersey.
Most charming small airport: Santa Barbara, California.
Worst airport: It may not be the worst, but Detroit needs some work.
Most interesting airport: Las Vegas.
Most comfortable large airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor.
Smallest street signs: Massachusetts and New Jersey.
Largest street signs: Arizona and California.
Most enjoyable drive: From Massachusetts to Maine when the leaves were changing.
Most unexpected sight: An influx of turkey vultures in Miami Beach.
Most dangerous part of any trip: The cab/shuttle ride to and from the airport.
Best shuttle driver: The one in Texas who had iced Perrier in his van.
Worst shuttle driver: The one in Chicago whose erratic driving caused the passengers to revolt.
Most polite audiences: San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Liveliest audiences: New York City and Los Angeles.
Toughest audiences: Seattle and Portland.
Most consistently excellent service from a hotel: Marriott.
Worst conference room: A tie between one in New Jersey that had a partially-collapsed wall and another in Mississippi that had pillars obstructing the audience's view.
Worst hotel: A nightmare in North Carolina that resembled a scene from The Shining.
Most confused traveler: The guy on the flight to Honolulu who thought he was going to Cincinnati.


At 1:33 PM, Blogger Eclecticity said...

You been one busy boy! Do you ever blog at airports?

At 3:23 PM, Blogger Michael Wade said...


Ah no. That schedule was years ago. I still travel on business but nothing compared to that madness!


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