Friday, March 14, 2008

A Road Warrior's Index

Number of cities in 12 months: 100.
Project: Conducting management workshops.
Number of bags: Three.
Routine: One city a day, four days a week.
Impact on sleeping habits: Hellish.
Best seat: Window (because it's easier to sleep)
Most flight delays: Chicago O'Hare Airport.
Number of bags lost: Zero.
Best rental car: The single occasion when, due to a fluke, I was given a Cadillac.
Flights cancelled: Once in Atlanta due to a storm and once in Pittsburgh due to engine trouble.
Scariest flight: From Spokane to Helena in a small plane during hazardous weather.
Craziest traffic: Northern New Jersey.
Most charming small airport: Santa Barbara, California.
Worst airport: It may not be the worst, but Detroit needs some work.
Most interesting airport: Las Vegas.
Most comfortable large airport: Phoenix Sky Harbor.
Smallest street signs: Massachusetts and New Jersey.
Largest street signs: Arizona and California.
Most enjoyable drive: From Massachusetts to Maine when the leaves were changing.
Most unexpected sight: An influx of turkey vultures in Miami Beach.
Most dangerous part of any trip: The cab/shuttle ride to and from the airport.
Best shuttle driver: The one in Texas who had iced Perrier in his van.
Worst shuttle driver: The one in Chicago whose erratic driving caused the passengers to revolt.
Most polite audiences: San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Liveliest audiences: New York City and Los Angeles.
Toughest audiences: Seattle and Portland.
Most consistently excellent service from a hotel: Marriott.
Worst conference room: A tie between one in New Jersey that had a partially-collapsed wall and another in Mississippi that had pillars obstructing the audience's view.
Worst hotel: A nightmare in North Carolina that resembled a scene from The Shining.
Most confused traveler: The guy on the flight to Honolulu who thought he was going to Cincinnati.


Eclecticity said...

You been one busy boy! Do you ever blog at airports?

Michael Wade said...


Ah no. That schedule was years ago. I still travel on business but nothing compared to that madness!