Monday, May 05, 2008

Meeting Room

This is a meeting room.

It is not a lounge or a barracks or a cocktail party. It is for the efficient and effective conduct of business. If we have to choose between the two, the latter should take priority over the former, but that does not mean that this room should be used for prolonged debate over obvious or petty points.

It should also not be an arena for gossip, political games, or grandstanding. Animosities and sarcasm must be left outside. We are here because we are a "we" and there is a larger purpose than our personal ambitions and turf. Our joint success requires that we assist, not hinder, one another. A meeting room should be a valuable tool, not the basis for jokes about squandered time.

As an important meeting place, this room deserves respect and should be well-maintained. If we are fortunate, it will ring with honesty, courage, kindness, competence, and creativity.

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