Friday, May 02, 2008

Thought-Provoker: Working in Wiki

From a Governing article directed at public sector employees, but its concepts just as easily apply to the private sector:

These sites are not just a means of taking usual routines — in-person meetings, conferences, briefings — and turning them into electronic equivalents. What marks Web 2.0 and makes it potentially transformative is that the tools pull the legs out from under the typical management structure, practically flattening it. A wiki is a collaboratively edited Web page that allows users to edit or add content. Within a government agency, it can be used to allow information to bubble up from all corners, and from people who might never have been invited to attend a meeting but who might have ideas about how to proceed or where to exercise caution — whether it's on a construction project, the delivery of a service or a means of raising revenue.

Read the rest of the article by Ellen Perlman and Melissa Maynard on working in wiki.

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