Saturday, November 29, 2008

The eHarmony Settlement

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, Dale Buss looks at the settlement in the eHarmony case. An excerpt:

So over the past three years, eHarmony has spent millions of dollars battling attempts by homosexual litigants to force it to cater to them. A California judge has just classified a lesbian's suit against eHarmony as a class action. And the company feared actions in more than a dozen other states where homosexuals are protected from discrimination.

"It's a very difficult area, and you can never be sure if you can take cases all the way to the Supreme Court," said Ted Olson, former U.S. solicitor general and now eHarmony's chief outside counsel. In addition to expressing uncertainty about any outcome in court, Mr. Olson said: "At some point a company has to decide if its resources can be used all the way to the end of the line."

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