Friday, November 28, 2008

Top 7 American Civil War-Era Novels

Not all of these novels take place during the American Civil War. Some are mainly in the aftermath or in the years preceding the war. All are excellent. Please feel free to add those I've missed.

  1. The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara.

  2. Soul Catcher by Michael White.

  3. Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier.

  4. The Year of Jubilo by Howard Bahr.

  5. Andersonville by MacKinlay Kantor.

  6. Confederates by Thomas Keneally.

  7. Lincoln by Gore Vidal.


Anonymous said...

I have an addition to your list: Shades of Gray: A Novel of the Civil War in Virginia by Jessica James.

Wally Bock said...

I like all the Shaara novels, by both father and son.

One novel I'd add to the list is William Safire's Freedom: A Novel of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War

Michael Wade said...

Good choices. The Safire book is good. I confess that he sort of ticked me off when he created an affair between some historical characters. I felt that was pushing literary license.

I haven't read "Shades of Gray," but will give it a try.

"The Confessions of Nat Turner" by William Styron is another that probably should have been added to the list.

Becky said...

Great list. I just finished a great book myself... "The Silent Note," by Patrick Davis.

Michael Wade said...

Thanks for the addition, Becky.

I'll check out "The Silent Note."