Saturday, November 22, 2008

Elevator Statement

Jean: “We are stuck in the elevator.”

Voice: “Where are you?”

Jean: “In the elevator behind home plate.”

(Pause). Voice: “Where?”

Jean: “In the elevator behind home plate, the one that goes up to the box suites.”

(Pause). Voice: “Where are you exactly?”

Jean (a little irritated): “We’re in an elevator behind home plate at the stadium.”

Voice: “Where?”

Jean (a little more irritated): “The baseball stadium. In Phoenix.”

Voice: “Uh, where?”

Jean: (sharply): “The stadium. In Phoenix, Arizona.”

(Pause).Voice: “Hmmm”

Jean (exasperated): “Excuse me, where are you?”

Voice: “I am in India, madam, and if you give me more specifics, I will be glad to assist you. Where are you?”

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