Friday, November 21, 2008

The Need to Reaffirm

You may believe that certain bedrock principles are so well-established that they do not need to be revisited.

Big mistake.

Principles, however major, need to be reaffirmed. If they are neglected, time can erode the perception of their importance. People may conclude that, well yes, they were crucial once but circumstances have changed and a modification or two or three may be appropriate. Those changes may be quietly made without drawing your atttention because, after all, you believe those principles are unchangeable.

I've been amazed at how often such changes are made simply because of poor memories. Some people will forget - perhaps because they never truly understood - the basis for certain principles and begin to drift. That's why you can attend board or committee meetings and encounter proposals that go completely against major decisions that were reached only a few meetings earlier. What you may have regarded as a key turning point shot past while the other person was distracted by a personal issue or was busily fantasizing about a trip to Tahiti.

All roads lead to basics. Those roads need to be maintained.

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