Friday, October 23, 2009

Exec Pay and Contract Rights

Professor Bainbridge weighs in on the administration's actions on executive pay:

The basic problem is here is that many (most?) of the compensation deals the Obama administration is shredding were set in employment contracts. Granted, some of those employment contracts were signed after the law setting up pay "czar" Kenneth Feinberg's position and empowering him to review pay packages at TARP firms. But a lot of them are pre-existing contracts and it's those contracts that are the main concern.

David Frum asks:

Suppose we discovered that during the tense days of September and October 2008, executives at the big banks were ordering lavished catered dinners for themselves at their offices. WE'd all disapprove. Those executives should have been eating sandwiches at their desks! But would it be OK for the government to order the banks to refuse the invoices from the catering company?

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Dan Richwine said...

This kind of crap is why corruption is so endemic in socialism. The executives will think themselves entitled to steal if they are denied an honest wage. And of course this will be used as an excuse for more government control.

How depressingly predictable.