Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Memories and Costumes

Eclecticity's look at some Halloween costumes from 1967 sparked a chain of memories. I recall:
  • Heavy rubber masks that got so hot you had to remove them every ten steps and wipe your face;
  • Halloween costumes that were made from whatever happened to be available in the house ["Here's an old sheet. Be a ghost."]; and
  • A custom called Devil's Night which, in our area, was the night before Halloween. In essence, it was an extra day for begging for candy but some mild vandalism was implied. This died out in the Sixties.

In recent years, some interesting costumes have appeared at our front door. Three boys wearing boxes with cords attached came as the Internet. Bill and Hillary Clinton arrived with pumpkins. And several Goths have come by but I'm not sure if they were in costume.

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