Monday, March 29, 2010

Getting Technology to fit Life

My blog posts automatically go to Twitter and I occasionally write a Tweet but I've never quite understood the entire Twitter concept. It is nice that Twitterers can write thought-provoking, zen-like Tweets as opposed to the "I'm now at the grocery story" sort of updates, but they are in the minority. And I've yet to figure out the folks who are "following" 15,000 other people. How can you do that? I'm about to prune my own numbers down to around 25. I'll lose some great people but less can be more.

Linked In is another one of my neglected arenas and I'm sure business opportunities are being lost. Facebook is in tune with a generation that doesn't write letters and although Second Life seems even stranger, I can see some utility there.

If you encounter a bedraggled Don Quijote avatar in your Second Life Spanish class, I may be present.


Kurt Harden said...

Michael - I don't do Facebook and still don't get LinkedIn. But I gained a new appreciation for Twitter last week while I was home sick and Tweetdeck (a free Twitter tool) would chirp off updates on my computer. I found some very interesting articles via some good sources. I couldn't possibly "follow" 15,000 people but there are some good "tweeters" out there with insightful links. I won't be offended if you unfollow by the way.

Michael Wade said...


You will never be "unfollowed."


Kurt Harden said...

I feel somehow more complete.


Michael Wade said...

As well you should.