Sunday, March 21, 2010


Doug Fine, who writes the excellent Eclecticity blog, has just experienced a hijacking of his site. Since he has put substantial time and creativity into his blog, this is not a minor event.

He writes:

If you would be willing to help me, if you are able to post to your readers that I am out of commission due to the hijacking and if there is anyone that may know how to help me, my email address for this "problem" is Feel free to give that out."

Update: I'll keep you posted on the status of Doug's site.

Update: Eclecticity is back!


John said...

Good luck.
You may recall my blog got hijacked last June and I consider it gone forever, mainly because it was a Blogger site and blogger is a Google property. My impression is that Google doesn't allow real people to deal with stuff that can be handled by bots. Let's hope that at least one living human being connected with the provider is able to intervene. In my case none ever did.

Eclecticity said...

John, sorry for your loss. Truly. I know how that must feel.

Michael, thanks for the support. D.