Monday, March 29, 2010

The Inner Lizard and E-Mail

TwistedByKnaves* has posted a thoughtful reply to my earlier post on reducing the expectation that all e-mails will receive a prompt response.

There is a danger in feeding our own inner lizards as well as those of other people. I've turned off the e-mail notification on my computer and instant messaging is similarly blocked.

I need time to think.

[*One of the neatest blog names in the world.]


twistedByKnaves said...

Thank you, Michael.

I am especially pleased that you took a few days to respond rather than jotting down the first thing that came to mind.

Best regards,


Michael Wade said...


You are more than welcome. I appreciate your comments.

As for my response time, it is often the product of thought and sloth.

Best regards,