Saturday, March 27, 2010

What Employers Should Pledge to Job Applicants

  1. We will not list anything as a job requirement unless it is absolutely needed to do the job.
  2. We will not recruit for openings that do not exist.
  3. We will give people a reasonable amount of time to apply.
  4. We will respect your time and will not make it harder than necessary to complete the application materials.
  5. We will not use tests that are only vaguely related to the job requirements nor will we use any test, screening mechanism, or "pop" psychology exam that is insulting or ridiculous.
  6. We will dedicate sufficient time to evaluate the applicants.
  7. We will tell you if there is an unexpected delay in the evaluation process.
  8. We will make sure that those who interview people for our positions have been trained.
  9. We will not ask any inappropriate or discriminatory questions.
  10. We will not play "gotcha" in the interviewing and selection process nor will we use the interview as a "stress test."
  11. We will not interview anyone to fill a quota. Anyone who gets an interview will be a serious contender for the position.
  12. We will be courteous and professional as well as kind and patient.
  13. We will not lie to you.
  14. We will gladly and accurately describe the entire selection process.
  15. We will answer your questions.
  16. We will let you know the outcome of the process and not leave you wondering if you are still a contender.
  17. We will not permit a recruitment and selection process to drag out any longer than is necessary.
  18. We will handle information in a confidential manner and will not gossip about the selection process.
  19. We will strive to select the best person for the job.
  20. We will not forget what it is like to look for employment.
  21. We will regard applicants as people and will recognize that each application may carry many unspoken hopes and dreams.


Jeff said...

Think I may slip this under the doors of the HR people my daughter has been interviewing with...

Recent grad looking for her first full-time position...some harsh lessons are being learned...

- Jeff

Michael Wade said...


I cringe at some of the HR practices.


Mary Jo Asmus said...

Thanks for this, Michael. The hiring "system" in companies is likely getting worse during this time of huge numbers of applicants for each job opening. We must remember that "applicants" are human beings (and possible customers!), who deserve to be treated well.

Oregonguy said...

Great advice, I wish it were required reading for all HR folks. Perhaps a copy should be sent to the Unicru folks.

Michael Wade said...

Mary Jo and Oregonguy,

Thank you. Recently, our firm has advised clients to limit the number of applications they accept to a number that permits them to do justice to the review of each application. Many HR departments are swamped.


DarkoV said...

I'd love to post this at our front door, right by the receptionist's desk, where the majority of our applications are started.
Any chance you may provide a list titled "What Job Applicants Should Pledge to Employers", so that the HR dept can be assuaged so as to allow my posting of the initial list?

Michael Wade said...


That's good news and yes, I am working on a pledge for job applicants.