Saturday, October 16, 2010

American Life: Lileks and the Barbers

James Lileks is mustering the courage to go into a regular barber shop:

Perhaps because I’m worried someone would ask me about the Big Game. Or how the Team is going to do. I’d say “sorry, I don’t follow sports,” and there would be a moment of silence – the clippers would cease their snicker-snack, the buzzing razor fall silent. Then the cutting would resume, but it wouldn’t be the same. It would be great if barber shops advertised their conversational repertoire, let you know you could talk about this or that if you wished, and avoid the other thing. Barbers with particular expertise would be available during certain hours. Art History: 2 – 4 PM. Why 80s Music Is Unjustly Slagged: 6 – 6:35 PM. And so on.

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Jeff said...

Funny thing is - I passed by a traditional barber shop yesterday morning after perusing the wares in the nearby town's farmer's market.

I looked in and saw one barber at work with several well-fed and well-bred men waiting their turn. Considering the surrounding neighborhood, their ages, and the way they were dressed, I was surprised that I saw them there and not walking into the local salon.

I'm considering it - and Lileks may have pushed me over the edge..along with the cost of the hairstyling and product I usually have to underwrite...

A hot towel I wouldn't mind as a relaxing finale...

- Jeff