Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Looking the Part

I’m currently taking an 11 week course with the police department, designed to give citizens an insider’s look into law enforcement operations. In the first two classes, I dressed like I normally do: jeans, t-shirt, casual shoes – just like everybody else. For the 3rd class, I happened to be wearing a suit. We introduce ourselves each week, because there are always new speakers. My introduction really wasn’t much different than other weeks with the mention of being on staff at a church, but, because of the suit others began to refer to me as pastor. A few times during the presentation, it was mentioned that there was a “man of God” in the room and that the “pastor knows that being spiritually grounded is important for officers.” After the presentation, an officer said “thank you, pastor, for taking the time to be here tonight.”

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Jasmine said...


Just want to ask if you allow guest to posts their blog articles on this site?


Michael Wade said...


No. I have enough trouble controlling the quality of my own posts, but thanks for visiting.