Friday, October 22, 2010

Names That Should Be Better Known

I recall wandering from blues club to blues club (which sounds better than from bar to bar) on Beale Street in Memphis and being stunned by the high caliber of the local performers.

There are also times when a relatively obscure writer causes me to set aside a book for a few moments so I can bask in the warmth of extraordinary prose.

Who is on your list of musicians and writers who should be - but are not - household names?


Cultural Offering said...

Colin Hay, Melody Gardot, Alex de Grassi, Christoph Gluck (who was a major influence on Beethoven), Giovanni Sammartini (a Mozart influence), Alison Krauss should be much better known as should Gillian Welch and Billy Joe Shaver.

Thanks for asking.


Michael Wade said...


I am not familiar with all of them and greatly appreciate your list.