Thursday, October 28, 2010

Camp Hyder Leadership

The initial shock of realizing that they had arrived in the middle of nowhere, in the realm of nothing, was followed by surprise encounters: "Sarge, Sarge! There's (puff) two big rattlesnakes in our tent!" someone shouted. The topkick withdrew the pipe slowly from the corner of his mouth and turned to face the excited young private. "Now lad, there's been a [expletive] foul-up. I've told those jackasses in supply to issue only one rattlesnake per tent. You go turn in that extra rattler this goddamn minute!"

- From "Only One Rattlesnake Per Tent: Lieut. Vernon L. Springer's Photographs of Camp Hyder, Arizona, 1943," by Lloyd Clark, Journal of Arizona History, Autumn 2010

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