Thursday, December 30, 2010


Europe Tomorrow on an unusual place in Sweden:

Anyway, I remembered reading in National Geographic a few months back about a town in the middle part of the country called Enviken. Enviken is of those small, nothing-happening-there places, with one exception: its citizens are apparently obsessed with mid-twentieth-century Americana. Rockabilly, cars with fins, women dolled up like circa 1950. It’s like American Graffiti, as directed by Ingmar Bergman. (Actually, that’s not funny, for if Ingmar Bergman had made American Graffiti he might then have gone on to make Star Wars, where Yoda is an elderly professor contemplating death, Leia is an insane woman contemplating death, and whose climactic battle consists of Luke and Darth Vader playing chess on the beach. It'd have made millions.)


Dan Richwine said...

I'm sorry, but the image of Bergman directing "Star Wars" has got the be the funniest of the year.

Michael Wade said...


I think it's marvelous because it is exactly what the result would have been.