Monday, December 20, 2010

"Potentially Evangelical" Discrimination Case

“Clearly this man is complex and likely fascinating to talk with,” Ms. Shafer wrote, “but potentially evangelical. If we hire him, we should expect similar content to be posted on or directly linked from the department Web site.”

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CincyCat said...

Interesting case.

I like the parallel that was made to "potentially Jewish" or "potentially Muslim". I often wonder why it seems socially acceptable to make disparaging remarks (and apparently, to deny employment) when it comes Christians, but not when it comes other religious groups...

Unless this person had a history of abusing university resources in order to promote his religious ideologies, then I think they should have just hired him.

If he ended up actually abusing resources or directly causing damage to the integrity of the university's program due to his beliefs, then they would have had a case to censure him.

However, if nothing untoward had happened, then there would have been zero publicity at all.

The university has created a lose-lose situation for themselves, even if they manage to win the case.

The particulars of his personal beliefs are beside the point.

Michael Wade said...


You put it very well: They created a lose-lose situation for themselves.

The comment about "potentially evangelical" should have been the red flag, but one about themselves and not the applicant.