Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks to You All

This is an appropriate time to say thanks to all who visit this site. The new friends that I've made through blogging, most of whom I've never met, are especially appreciated.

Blogging is a strange activity. Readership numbers can shift up and down, often for no discernable reason. Bloggers are often mocked as pajama-clad eccentrics hammering away on keyboards. Thinking about and writing posts consumes time.

And yet I am continually impressed by the high level of blogs that are out there. These new voices are reassurances that the old limited systems of information are gone and are never coming back.

Bloggers and blog readers are part of a revolution in communication and learning. Things can get sloppy and crude, but the net effect is beneficial. One look at the parts of the world that try to restrict access to blogs is enough to reveal that something extraordinary is going on. You are a crucial part of that.

May the New Year be one of great happiness for you and yours.

Thanks again.



Matt M said...

Thank you for continually being in my "don't miss dozen" of over 200 blogs. You rock and looking forward to more for the new year!

Michael Wade said...


That is very kind of you.

May you have a great 2011.