Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time to Think

The last weeks of December through the first week or two of January provide most of us with that most valuable of commodities: The time to think.

That business book you've been planning to read? Now's the time.

That morning you've wanted for a "retreat" with yourself? Take your notepad to a coffee shop and start scribbling ideas.

Those thank you notes that have been backed up for some time? The end and the start of a year provide ideal moments for recognizing accomplishments and giving best wishes.

And there's the time-tested way to trigger insights about your career: Do something completely unrelated to it. You'll be amazed at how many thoughts will come knocking when you are not looking for them.


Desert Hope said...

I think it's ironic that we are blessed with this time to think and "do" just before the New Year. It's a great catalyst for changes!

Michael Wade said...

Desert Hope,

The opportunity is too good to be lost.


Gary Owen said...

Agreed. Chris Guillebeau does his personal "yearly review" this time of year. I like that he is taking the tradition of new years resolutions to the next level and spending a lot of time in reflection.


It would be hard to take a full week off to do this other times of the year, but most folks expect the time between christmas and new years to be slow, so why not take that "slowness" and use it to get a jump start on 2011.

Rob said...

Unfortunately some of us have to as usual......