Friday, March 25, 2011

The Craftsman

Staring out the window of my office, I can see a bricklayer at work on a wall.

What is it about bricklaying that makes it so fascinating?


Jeff said...

Because it has substance and immediacy. And craft.

The work is there right in front of you to see. Don't need an agency, PR firm, or a member of the media to explain it to you.

It's right...or it's not.

- J.

Michael Wade said...


That is true. The substance part may be key because I don't have the same sensation watching a house painter or a gardener.


Bob said...

Try being a plumber 99% of what you do is hidden, there are 100's of rules, laws and principles, that are esoteric yet seeming simple. Then all the customer gets is a big bill....for things they take for granted heat, clean water and sanitation.....Atleast with a bricklayer you get something you can see, touch, admire and appreciate :)

Michael Wade said...


You'll hear no criticism of plumbers from me. I confess though, that I don't like to watch them work. Bricklaying, on the other hand, is fascinating.